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If I can do it, so can YOU!!! Why not YOU?
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10 reasons we work so hard to train and get fit?

by: pjohnnyx

10.  Break bad habits

Someone once said “eat to live, don’ live to eat!”  When you train to get fit, it’s work and earn the reward of fitness, you will not want to waste that time by eating poorly.  Stay with the workouts and watch how your eating habits get much cleaner.

9.  Save money

Let’s face it…sports and training can be expensive.  Some, like triathlon, can run thousands in  year.  But, compared to the cost of bad health, doctor visits, losing time from work, or even having to retire early due to sickness, it pays to stay healthy.

8.  If nothing else, to look good

Who doesn’t want to look good?  When you look good, people notice, and I never heard of anyone not wanting people to notice that they have worked hard to show off their results.

7. Change the Scenery

The same old thing, is the same old thing.  Mix it up a little and do different things…just don’t go to the bar, restaurant, and ice cream shop…get out and train and feed your body what it needs to stay active and fresh.

6. Meet new people

You may not know many people now, but you meet people in the gym, out on a run, at yoga class, and at special events you may be training for.  Get ready to blow up your friends list on social media!

5.  Be stronger than yesterday

Some people have equated getting fit to finding the Fountain of Youth!  When you get stronger, you feel better, and you start to feel and look younger.  Nothing beats seeing an old friend for the first time in a while and them saying “oh my God, you look great, you actually look much younger!”

4. Push yourself

Sick and tired of being sick, and tired?  Make the change to be the best YOU there is…push, change, and challenge yourself to do better. The human body is much more capable than the limits you allow your mind to set.  When pushing those limits, you will surprise yourself and find you are much stronger, and capable, than you think.

3. Motivate others

Most people think “I can’t do that!”  They let themselves believe that being fit is only for “fit people”!  Really?  However, when they see someone they know who gets the job done, especially those who have great transformations, they start to believe “if she can do it, then why can’t I?”

2. Become an efficient machine

Imagine that you finish a hard workout, you know you burned calories and you’re thinking “whew, that was cool, I burned 400 calories!”  Well, now imagine this….even after your workout is over, your body just keeps burning more calories for hours and hours – in some cases, it even continues burning into the next day!

1.  Be a Role Model

Wether your family is your kids, your parents, or your siblings, you will be surprised how proud your family is of you when you get fit, and stay fit.  Especially if you have children….you have a legacy to leave, and chances are your children will see you as a role model and want to be like you.


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