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You are what you Eat!

by: pjohnnyx

I have a serious problem with “garbage in…garbage out!”

This is not meant to be a computer quote….or even a cliche…it is mean to alert you to the fact that what you put in your mind, and in your body, is what comes out.

Everyday, I hear people say “I can’t do that”…”I’m never going to meet that goal”…”I eat too much”…or “I have no time” and many other things.  WOW, do you know that what you tell yourself, your mind actually processes and what your mind processes after hearing it enough….it gives you the result.  So, when you keep telling yourself those negative things….your result will be more of the same negative things.

Seriously, you’ve heard it all before “be careful what you wish for” – well putting negative thoughts in your head is a dangerous thing and you should start telling yourself positive things like…”When I lose these first 10 pounds, I’m going to be so proud”…or “I’m going to run that race I only dreamed about and do my best!”  Then, when you start training, it may be hard, but the work starts when the hard begins anyway so those things you kept telling yourself, making sure your mind visualized it, and you tell others out loud, well this is how those dreams will come true, and you can even exceed them.

On the other hand, what you put into your body is also shown on the outside.  You cannot want to lose weight, get in shape, or even improve your goals, if you constantly make bad food choices.  I have noticed on days I eat poorly the scale is up a lb or 2.  When I eat well, the scale moves in the right direction.  Plus, not only do I feel better, I also look better!  The food I eat determines how well I perform on my workouts, how tired I am, how much determination I have.  There is a link and you do not want to be putting negative, nasty food or thoughts in your body.

Remember, you are what you believe you are, and you are what you eat.  Do the right thing, every day as best as you can.  Don’t make excuses not to succeed, find one excuse to succeed, feed your mind and body with positive fuel, and you WILL succeed, look, and feel like a Champion!

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